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Swimming Health Benefits

May 13 , 2016

By Fitness Expert

Fitness, India

Swimming is a fabulous workout, which has been found to not only be beneficial for the human body, but also perfect for relaxing the mind of the person undertaking it. In summer time, it serves as an excellent exercising choice, which helps you burn calories, while cooling down your body. Swimming provides you the best of both worlds. On one hand, it provides the cardio benefits of running and on the other hand, it paves way for you to achieve weight training and strength building benefits. The reservoir of swimming health benefits is really comprehensive, making the aerobic exercise in demand these days. Let us explore more on the health benefits of swimming.

Swimming Health Benefits

  • Swimming helps maintain the blood pressure and cholesterol of a person, thus ensuring the well being of his/her heart.

  • It is good for the health of your lungs and also reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack and diabetes.

  • Swimming enhances the flexibility of your joints and provides scope for boosting your physical activity workout level. In other words, it helps a great deal in your weight loss program.

  • It is perfect for people who have a hard time carrying out weight-bearing, land-based physical activities. This is because your weight in water is about 1/10th of your weight on land.

  • For pregnant women as well as for people who are suffering from arthritis and back pain, there can be no better workout choice than swimming.

  • Swimming minimizes the risk of injuries from physical activity. So, you can easily try out the delightful exercise and enjoy the health fitness benefits it offers, without any attached risk.

  • If indulged in on a regular basis, swimming can help build the endurance, muscle strength and cardio-vascular fitness of a person.

  • You can swim before as well as after a strenuous workout on ground, as a warm-up and cool-down activity, respectively.

  • It helps a person exercise almost all the muscles of his/her body, with the main focus being on arms and legs.

  • The people suffering from injuries, back pain, arthritis and disabilities, who cannot indulge in a normal workout, can undertake swimming.

  • Swimming has been associated with relieving joint pains, high blood pressure and discomfort that are often experienced during pregnancy.

  • Indulging in swimming can help post-surgery patients, who adopt an otherwise sedentary lifestyle, avoid muscular atrophy.

  • It is found to have a soothing effect on the mind as well as the body of a person, mainly by regulating breathing and stimulating circulation.

Swimming is one of the best workouts for maintaining your overall fitness level as well as for relaxing your mind. It comes across more as a fun sport, than an exercise, and this is the reason why it is very popular amongst people of almost all age groups.

Swimming is a sporting workout activity that involves multiple distinctive kinds of strokes. Well, a swimming stroke is nothing, but a specific manner of moving your arms and legs, so as to push your body forward against the water.

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