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About NutrelaHealth

Welcome to NutrelaHealth!

NutrelaHealth is an online portal-cum-networking site designed specifically for wellness enthusiasts and professionals from the world of health, nutrition and fitness.

girl is a space where health and fitness fans can come to be part of a community that is striving towards a better and healthier nation. We are not merely a site that provides engaging content in the form of healthy recipes, diet and fitness plans, health related videos and much more; we've created a portal that lets you go far beyond standardized information available across the web. Our content is specially curated keeping in mind the specific needs and requirements of our patrons who wish to get started on the journey towards healthy living. is also a platform for Professionals (Dieticians, Nutritionists and Fitness Experts) – via our free registration system, these professionals can collaborate, contribute and share their knowledge with other experts on various topics like advances or discoveries in their specific fields. The unique blend of cross communication between professionals and users will also enable our experts to reach out to readers and provide assistance on a more personal/ one-on-one basis, thereby potentially enhancing their existing client base.


Users will be able to find and connect with health and fitness professionals like Dieticians, Nutritionists, and Fitness Experts to receive customised solutions for their specific health goals. Our always-available 'Query' tab allows readers to post their concerns and/or requirements, ask generic health and fitness related questions etc. that our professionals would help provide apt responses to. This also helps these professionals to outline plans and regimes specifically designed to benefit users, based on individual needs.

Nutrela is a brand that's synonymous with soya products, but one of our primary goals has always been to focus on our consumers’ health and fitness. It is with that precise thought that we choose to bring to our loyal consumers, and the rest of the nation, a space where realising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the central goal.

We at have designed this portal to provide simple steps and connectivity to users that would help improve not just their lifestyle but their overall health, above all else.