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Fitness Expert

Mandar Gavandi

Fitness Expert

Karghar, Navi mumbai


AEJC High School, Maharashtra Board, Atomic Energy Central School, CBSE, University of Mumbai
Total Experience : 6 Years


About Mandar Gavandi

Personal & Professional Achievements. In my pursuit of self improvement I developed the skills needed to keep me on track both physically and mentally; this in turn brought me personal success and the ability to help guide others through to their own goals. My training skills and experience will empower you with the knowledge, drive and discipline to take control of your own health and fitness lifestyle and goals! Dispelling the 'Big Myth' that weights make women bulky. perfecting the Squat, Dead lift & Bench Press.


Creates functional, strength-based training for anyone looking to become fitter, stronger and more mobile for life which requires minimal equipments and traditional exercises with Resistance bands, Dumbbells, Swiss ball, medicine ball, Jumping rope (Skipping rope), Stair steppers and some home equipments.


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