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Diet Plans

Heart Healthy Diets

The key to a healthy heart diet is to eat a high fiber diet, which is also low in fat, particularly ghee and butter and oils high in saturated fats like coconut and palm oil. For cooking, use small amounts of heart friendly oils like olive, corn, sunflower, soybean, peanut, sesame and canola oils.

High fiber diet has shown to reduce cholesterol levels. Inclusion of whole grains, vegetables and fruits ensure that the diet is rich in fiber. Choose foods high in fiber like brown rice, whole wheat/multi-grain breads and cereals, whole wheat flour, etc instead of those products made with refined flour like maida, etc.

A low sodium diet will help keep the blood pressure in check and hence can help in reducing the incidence of heart attacks. Hence, avoid foods high in salt like pickles, papads, ketchups, smoked/cured foods and other foods preserved in brine. Reducing the amount of salt used for cooking, using herbs for enhancing the flavor of the cooked food and using salt-substitutes help in reducing the dependence on table salt.

Research has shown that foods high in omega-3 can reduce the risk of heart attacks. Foods high in omega-3 for vegetarians are walnuts, flax seeds and sun flower seeds. Be sure to include at least one source of omega-3 in your daily diet.

Exercise has also shown to increase the good cholesterol (HDL), so don't forget to exercise* on a daily basis (*before starting on any exercise routine, always seek approval from your physician). This healthy heart diet will help you design your daily diet. If you have complications related to lipid profile consult with your health expert first.

Use MUFA – rice bran oil, sesame oil, groundnut oil

Time Plan

1 Med. Katori Poha Or Vegetable Wheat Upma
Or 2 Vegetable Idly with Tomato Chutney
Or 1 Small Vegetable Dosa
Or Wheat Dalia with Milk or Vegetables
Or 1 Toast (Brown / Multigrain Bread) with Paneer or Vegetables
Or 1 Stuffed Chapatti (Methi / Palak / Cauliflower/ Radish)
Or 1 Thalipeeth
Or 1 Bowl Oats / Wheat Flakes with Milk (60ml)

Snack Time

Fruit [Apple (1)/Papaya (100gms) /Apricots (2-3)/Peaches (2-3)/ Cherries (8-10) /Pear(1) /Watermelon (150gms)/Guava (1)/ Orange (1)]
Or coconut water (1 small glass) Or 1 Glass Buttermilk.

Lunch Time

2 Multigrain Chapattis Or 1 Multigrain Bhakri Or 1 Bajra Roti Or 1 Jowar Roti
Or 1 Katori Rice 1 katori saabji (lady finger, beans, chowli, pumpkin, ridge gourd, dushi)
1 Katori Sambhar Or Dal Or Curd Or Raita


Tea Or Coffee Or Milk (1 Cup without Sugar)
Roasted Snacks Or Chana Or 1 Glass Buttermilk
Or 1 Fruit Or 1 Qtr. Plate Salad
Or 1 Bowl Veg Or 1 Katori Sprouts
Or Multigrain biscuits

Late Evening

10almonds Or 10 walnuts Or
fistful of peanuts (15 in number)


1 Multigrain Chapatti
Or ½ Multigrain Bhakri Or 1 Small Bajra Roti
Or 1 Small Jowar Roti
Or 1 multigrain roti Or Oats Dosa
1 Katori Vegetable
1 Katori Sambhar Or Dal
Or Curd Or Raita Or Soya chunk salad

Disclaimer: All plans included in this section are generic and would require consultation with an expert before being adopted.