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Diet Plans

Diet for Boosting Immunity

The immune system is what protects us from various diseases by identifying and destroying viruses, bacteria, tumor cells, etc. Most experts believe that adequately feeding your immune system can boost its fighting powers.

Foods rich in vitamins A, C and E, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and regular exercise have all shown to be beneficial in boosting the immune system.

Along with this, it is important to keep in mind that factors such as lack of sleep, too much alcohol, sugars and refined foods and too much fat can adversely affect the immune system.

Time Plan

1 Med. Katori Poha Or Vegetable Wheat Upma Or 2 Vegetable Idly with Tomato Chutney
Or 1 Small Vegetable Dosa Or Wheat Dalia with Milk or Vegetables Or 1 Toast (Brown / Multigrain Bread) with Paneer or Vegetables
Or 1 Stuffed Chapatti (Methi / Palak / Cauliflower/ Radish) Or 1 Thalipeeth Or
1 Bowl Oats / Wheat Flakes with Milk (60ml)

Snack Time

Fruit [Apple (1)/Papaya (100gms) /Apricots (2-3)/Peaches (2-3)/ Cherries (8-10) /Pear(1) /Watermelon (150gms)/Guava (1)/ Orange (1)]
Or coconut water (1 small glass) Or 1 Glass Buttermilk.

Lunch Time

2 Multigrain Chapattis Or 1 Multigrain Bhakri Or 1 Bajra Roti Or 1 Jowar Roti
Or 1 Katori Rice 1 katori soyabean chunck with peas saabji
1 Katori Sambhar Or Dal Or Curd Or Raita


Tea Or Coffee Or Milk (1 Cup without Sugar)
Roasted Snacks Or Chana Or 1 Glass Buttermilk
Or 1 Fruit Or 1 Qtr. Plate Salad
Or 1 Bowl Veg Or 1 Katori Sprouts


1 Multigrain 1 Katori Vegetable Chapatti
Or ½ Multigrain Bhakri Or 1 Small Bajra Roti
Or 1 Small Jowar Roti
Or 1 multigrain roti Or Oats Dosa
1 Katori Sambhar Or Dal
Or Curd Or Raita Mrthi salad
Or Beetroot salad

From the day we are born to the last day on this earth, our immune system would continue to protect our bodies from diseases!, and keep us in good health. Let's protect this important function of our body by boosting it with great foods and a health-filled lifestyle.

Disclaimer: All plans included in this section are generic and would require consultation with an expert before being adopted.